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VTS Options - Update (closing trades) - Oct 11, 2019

VTS Options community,

We've got some good old fashion Vol crush happening today on the hopes of some kind of partial China trade deal.  Oh man, how many times is this market going to rise and fall on this deal that won't even do anything?  It's downright comical at this point.

Having said that, all 4 current positions are enjoying this drop in volatility, two of which is ready for profit taking.

Trade # 62  -  DIA Short Put Vertical  -  Closing trade required

BUY to CLOSE 15 Nov 19' DIA 260.00 Put SELL to CLOSE 15 Nov 19' DIA 257.00 Put

* when closing Short Put Verticals the lower the price the better Trade # 63  -  VIX Short Call Vertical  -  Closing trade required

BUY to CLOSE 16 Oct 19' VIX 18.00 Call SELL to CLOSE 16 Oct 19' VIX 23.00 Call

* when closing Short Call Verticals, the lower the price the better Trade # 61  -  SPY Short Iron Condor  -  No trade required

I do like to spread out my Iron Condors over multiple time frames and asset classes, but this one is of the longer term variety with an expiration in December, which is why it's a slower moving trade.  We'll give it time to decay.

Trade # 64  -  UVXY Short Call Vertical  -  No trade required

This trade hasn't been open long but it's already nearly at the stop-gain for profit.  We're waiting for a premium around 0.47 to close it and right now as I'm looking at it, it's trading at 0.51.  Close, but not quite there yet.  

Current Open Positions

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