Brent Osachoff, 


I founded Volatility Trading Strategies  (VTS)  in 2012 out of my dedication to the education and development of diversified investment strategies in Volatility and Options trading. 

I'm taking my sophisticated strategies and making them accessible and understandable for retail investors, to give you the skills to CRUSH the market for years to come.

Former Professional Golfer


After climbing the ranks from junior to national and winning over 50 amateur and college tournaments, I set my sights on making the PGA Tour.  I competed in professional tournaments in Canada, the United States, and Asia chasing the dream. 

I got close, but unfortunately with injuries forcing a reduced practise schedule it wasn't meant to be.  However, I always look back with fond memories on those days making a living on the links.

And it may not sound like it, but there are a lot of crossover skills between pro golf and professional investing that serve me well.

Simon Fraser University


With a full scholarship to Simon Fraser University I spent 4 years in Vancouver, Canada pursuing my degrees in both Economics and Mathematics.

While I'm not one who thinks University is the only path in life, I am thankful for what I learned both in completing my degrees and managing my professional golf career.

In Canada, I also achieved my CIM certifications  (CSC, CPH, AIS, WME, PMT, DMS)  for portfolio management.

I was ready for my true calling in life...

All in on Investing...


After retiring from pro golf in 2005 I spent the next 6 years as a full time trader.  I honed my investing skills, learned valuable  (sometimes costly)  lessons, and developed successful and repeatable trading systems.  I shared my work publicly and had a modest following of interested supporters.

By popular demand, in January 2012 I launched Volatility Trading Strategies and the VTS Community was born.

It's now been a 17 year journey since I went full time with my investing.  How time flies!

The Global VTS Community


No matter where you live in the world, I can help you.  The VTS Community has members from over 65 countries and counting...

VTS has surpassed the 10th anniversary since inception in January 2012, and in that time I'm proud to have helped thousands of traders take control of their financial future and start making real progress on the path to retirement.

Take control of your financial future!


Regardless of what your investing experience is, from beginner to expert, I promise you will love the VTS Community.

Profitable strategies, professional risk management, and a fantastic community atmosphere of traders from around the world.  Come join us and let's move forward with investing success together.

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Outside of investing my interests are golf, travel, running, hiking, videography, movies, live-aboard boat life, wine, and of course cats!

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